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“Tyranny of the Experts” written by a medical insider by the name of Morris E. Chaffits. He is blowing the whistle on his own profession and claims that 90% of all pediatricians do not vaccinate their own children. This is only one of many other revelations that he writes about in his book.

That really hit home for me when I realized that present day America is hopelessly indoctrinated in what the “Experts” are telling us.

The “experts” consist of those paid professionals that permeate every area of modern day society.

These professionals have years of schooling and pieces of paper on their walls that tell us how smart they are and why we should trust their “expert” advice.

The “Experts” that immediately come to mind is the following.


*Health care professionals (Doctors)

*Government Bureaucrats


*Religious Leaders


*Social Scientists



* News Media


We have thrown common sense and critical thinking out the window and rely on the experts to guide us in every area of modern day life. I attribute this reliance to our apathy, laziness, and lack of faith in the Almighty.

We have been listening to the educators through the years saying that Johnny can’t read because we need more money for education.

The health care industry tells us that only  pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines can heal us and make us whole.

Government tells us that we need to sacrifice freedom for security and  pay higher taxes to solve our  social problems with bigger and bigger government. “Hi, I am from the government and I am here to help you.”

Psychiatrists tell us that natural feelings of sadness, depression, resentment, anger, fear and guilt are not natural and that anti depressants and mood enhancers produced and sold by the pharmaceutical industry are needed for a healthy lifestyle.  http://www. children_mental_disorders_CDC. html

The majority of main stream Churches preach only the milk of the word, and  many preach a  prosperity gospel. Also, this world is not my home because the rapture will take you out of the world before it hits the fan.

The Economists tell us that the financial system is too complicated for the average person to understand so we need them to tell us what to invest in and how to manage our money while Wall Street steals our future.

Social Scientists tell us that we are a result of evolution and are no different than animals.

Lawyers tell us that “He who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”

If that were true then a plumber that fixes his own toilet is a fool?

Politicians tell us what we want to hear as they further their own ambitions and line their pockets at our expense and do not represent our interests.

The main stream media is controlled by 6 corporations that tow the government line to keep us in line. Never reporting on subjects that really matter and that affect our freedom.

And finally Hollywood. The extension arm of government and corporate interests that shape us into what they see as the American reality and our need to adhere to their visions of what society is and should be.

I have come to realize that just about everything we were taught as children has been a big lie.

Unplug the TV and start investigating the truth in the above named areas.

Question everything and take nothing for granted.