Exposing the hidden

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Here are links and videos that expose lies.


The Fossil Fuel Hoax   The Dirty Truth About Oil

The Good News about God   This site is loaded with exposing information.

Israel did 9/11   All the proof you need.  Video and Summary



ChemTrails  – Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell Truth About Chemtrails.

Haarpicanes and Chemtrails – GeoEngineering


Below are links to videos that expose the enemy, their dark secrets, and their secret societies:

Skull and Bones

How Banksters, Secret Societies and Warmongers Control the World

How the Jews Caused the American Civil War

DC Street Sorcery

Satanic Hollywood: The Ritual Sacrifice

Myron C Fagan: The Illuminati and the CFR (1967)

Weird Ways of the Elite Documentary

McDonald’s 11 Dark Secrets

53 Congressional Reps, Latino Leaders, and Political Operatives On All Expense Paid Trip to Israel   Receiving instructions from their Masters.

Videos removed by YouTube: watch?v=Gi6ryNOg8z0 (PizzaGate)


Below are links to truths hidden from you.

Hellstorm   Exposing the Real Genocide of Germans

Triumph of the Will

The World Defeated the Wrong Enemy

Who is surrounding Trump  The enemy is most certainly running the show.  Trump Jewish?

Putin and Christian Values


Below are links exposing what has been passed into law under cover of night.

Now the Government Can Legally Kill Christians

Congress Quietly Passes Bill Allowing Warrentless Searches of Homes


Below are links and videos of Black on White Crime.

Colin Flaherty

Assault Over Cold Chicken

Black Lives Matter Helps Out

Black Savagery Makes Racial Integration Impossible

Videos removed by YouTube:   watch?v=qG4W_Kq8v6g (Black on White Violent Crime)


Below are links to what’s coming.

The Coming Social Media Merge and Your Metadata Footprint Exposed

Expanding Finger and Iris Scanning    A New Perspective on Biometrics and Identity    Long Range Iris Scan is Here    Refugees Rely on Iris Scan For Food    Galaxy S8 Iris Scanning Superior to FBI Fingerprint Tech

Google is the Illuminati & Dangers of the 5G Roll Out – David Bowie’s warning before his ‘death’.


Richard Masker was the Director of the International Conspiratology Association.
He worked with people of all sorts, to deprogram them from Jewish Fables (NWO propaganda); especially Peace Officers and Military.   Exposing the System