Offending the Little Ones

Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

The first step is to acknowledge the problem. What follows is up to you!

YES it is unthinkable and uncomfortable to see and talk about.

These children do not have a voice, but you do!


PEDOGATE: American Heroes to the Rescue – Craig Sawyer

Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure

Dr. William Pierce – How the Chosen Ones Sexually Exploit Children

Rapists, Pedophiles KILL THEM ALL

Truth Unsealed – Pedophile Exposer  – David Zublick

Mel Gibson: Hollywood is ‘Den of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast on the Blood of Kids’  – short article

The Hollywood Baby Snatcher  – The sinister story of the woman who stole children and sold them to the stars (article).   Where Do Kids in Hollywood Come From?  – 21 min vid

Hollywood Elites ‘Eat Babies’ For Christmas – Jim Carrey  – 11 min vid

The Disney Deception  – 53 min

Oversexualizing Society & Innocent Children  – 14 min vid

1,000’s Of Children Are Murdered In Satanic Rituals, Every Year  – David Shurter (43 min vid)


It’s NOT OK!

Teaching genderlessness !!!

They Are Coming For Your Kids – The Transpocalypse Has Begun  – 8 min video

Transgender Reveal in Kindergarten Class   Your kids are in the hands of Satan and his helpers.

Drag Queen Story Hour   In public schools

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World?

How the Jews Operate in Our School and Legal System   Philip Glidden PhD (2000) (Trading on Guilt)

Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages for Immigrants

The Greatest Coincidence Ever? Pt 9  – cartoons are great to learn from

New Ontario Law Allows Government to Seize Children if Parents Oppose Their ‘Gender Identity’   – article

Transgender Wyoming Woman Convicted of Sexually Assaulting 10-year old girl in Bathroom  – (WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR DAUGHTER?!!!!!!!!!)

9-Year Old Illuminati Tranny Activist on Cover of National Geographic Magazine

Church of England: Kids Should Be Able to Explore Gender Identity  – article

How Pedophile Rings Target Children on YouTube  – 50 min vid

BREAKING: Gay History Now Mandatory In Public Elementary Schools  – 2 min vid



Exposers are taken out!

Chris Cornell About to Expose Pedo Ring Before He ‘Died’

Huge Hefner Murdered Before Exposing Elite Pedophiles in Plea Deal


At least some of them are being arrested!

Pedophile Arrests

84 Children Rescued – 120 Human Traffickers Arrested

60 Arrested in GA for Child Sex Trafficking