Do you know you are being lied to and attacked from many directions?

Don't procrastinate. Learn the who, what, when, where, and why.


You must know by now that you are being lied to by all the mainstream media outlets. They are controlled by the government and six (6) media corporations which decide what they are going to want you to know. They are all working together to promote Satan's agenda. You are being programmed to believe what they want you to believe. It's not the truth! Matter of fact most of it is the opposite of the truth. Satan's children don't live in the realm of truth. To know what is really going on in the USA and around the world you should check out alternative news sources. Below are some programs and web sites to check out. These will start to wake you up to the real world and not the fantasy world they want you to believe in. Most of these alternative sites are on the right track. You will hear a lot more of the truth on them than on the Main stream TV and radio. Many hosts consider themselves to be Christians and/or patriots fighting for the rule of law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Even if you don't believe in God or think you know the truth check out these sites for hidden knowledge.


1. To learn what is happening and has happened around the world from a Scriptural point of view go to , and . There are lots of articles, videos, and programs to check out. They will wake you up to the truth of the scriptures and what is hppening around the world. There is currently a very strong attack on the White Caucasian people and their countries around the world. You will learn that the Caucasian Anglo Saxon White European people are the true descendants of the 12 tribes of Jacob Israel. You will also learn who are Satan's children. You have been lied to about most everything. They control you through propaganda. They control main stream media (MSM), government political systems of the world, the fraudulent money stystem, the evils of the medical system, food production, and the spiritual organizations.


2. 8:AM to 11:AM M-F, go to to listen to Daniel and Sam. Or Dial 605-562-4092 to listen on your phone. The first hour is news and the second and third hours they usually interview guests on a variety of topics. Everything from politics, alternative health, economics, current events, history, etc. is discrussed. They are about 75% accurate and you will learn about alternative treatments for many aliments etc..


3. On listen live on the internet or by phone. Dial 605-562-5111. there are only a few programs that are right on the money. Listen to The National Intel Report w/ John Stadtmiller, he is the owner and knowledgeable about US and world events. He know most of the people that are behind world events, etc. Other good programs are Spingola Speaks, Rick Adams Uncensored, and Incediary radio w/ Robert Revolt. Some of the other programs are worth listening to but will only go so far and not reveal the whole truth.

Check out everything and do your own research to be able to come to the truth. You have been deceived.


Other sites to check out for News and current events



As Satan entertains you and keeps you busy he implements plans for your destruction.

These videos will help you discern truth from lie.

Fraudulent Money System, Pensions & CAFR

Money as Debt

The Fall of the Dollar The Death of a Fiat Currency part 1

Money Masters (and/or) The Secrets of OZ

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OK Bombing, 911 & Waco False Flag attacks

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The WACO WTF ...A New Revelation

Confronting the evidence of 9/11 (Jimmy Walters)

Dr. Judy Wood, Where did the towers go?

77 Ripple Effect

Loose Change (about 911)

World Trade Center building 7 collapse (many videos)

Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

Dead in the Water (Israel's attack on the USS Liberty)

NEW 2015? Solving 911 Christopher Bollyn

Geoengineering, GMO Foods & Flouride

What in the World are they Spraying?

Food Inc.

Seeds of Destruction

Jeffery Smith: Dangers of GMO foods

Genetic Roulette

FLOURIDE GATE- An American Tragedy

The Great Culling: Our Water

Sweet Misery  A Poisonous World

We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health

Seeds of Death

The Whole Truth About Soy – Kaayla T. Daniel

Health & Healing, Vaccination agenda

Lethal Injection (by Clint Richardson)

The Dangers of Vaccinations – April Renee

What the cell is going on?

What is Naturopathic Medicine (Jennifer Kaumeyer ND.)

Tony Pantalleresco 120+ vidoes Health remedies

Charlotte Gerson at the Rock Church's Cancer Care Ministry, April 21,2012

Dr. Gary Null (many videos and audios)

Oxygen Therapy (videos and sites)

Dr. Sherry Rogers (many videos)

Vidoes on Curcumin & Tumeric (Kills cancer cells)

The UN Agenda 21 & Common Core

The Corporation Nation (Clint Richardson)

Agenda 21 for Dummies

Agenda 21 for lower living standards

Stop the Common Core (Parts 1-5)

How your community is implementing Agenda 21

Global Warming & what the Government isn't telling you

Biblical truth & Jewish lies exposed

The Great Impersonation – Eli James

Benjamin Freedman's 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel

David Cole, A tour of Auschwitz

“Brother Nathanael's” videos (Jew exposing Jews)

Synagogue of Satan by AC Hitchcock

Missing Links Hidden Agenda of the Israeli Government

Ron Wyatt Archaeology – the Ark of the Covenant

True Biblical Israelites, House of Israel-Judah, God's Chosen versus Modern Day Jews Parts 1-4

The Seedline-Genealogy of Cain by Bertrand Comparet

Pastor Bertrand Comparet youtube Videos

Michael Tellinger – Ancient Technology & UBUNTU

Jim Brown Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras

Christian remedy in law (many videos)

Truth or Tradition – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Government & Media Treasionous actions exposed

Kurt Kallenbach, Season of Treason

The reprt from Iron Mountain A bluprint for Tyranny

Military Cancer

CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything? Extreme Prejudice

The War on Democracy – John Pilger

Sandy Hook Hoax (many videos) No one died

boston Marathon Hoax (many videos)

How Amputee actors help make Boston Marathon bombing drill look real

Dr. Tony Martin, The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

Killer Tornado Oklahoma 5/20/13 (HAARP), Prince Harry

911 The Road To Tyranny – Alex Jones

Get This Message Out NOW And Prepare Yourself?

HUMAN RESOURCES Social Engineering In The 20th Century – Scott Noble

The Coming Invasion 2014

World War 3 Has Already Begun

Decades of Deception

Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told

Beyond Treason

Permaculture & Water wars

Back to Eden Film ( (Permaculture Videos)

Water Wars by Deborah Tavares

Susun Weed videos (weeds you can eat)

Psy. Wars & Mind Control & Propaganda

Mind Control through TV & the Children

Fritz Springmeier Undictable mind controlled

Cathy O'Brien – mind control

Walt Disney, MTV Hollywood – Mind Controlled

Illuminati Human Cloning Immortality, Fritz Springmeier

Psy War – Wake Up?

Edward Bernay's – Propaganda

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (

The Hollywood Deception





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