How to use this site

The Old and New Testaments are found in the Scriptures menus.


The books of the Bible are listed in the same order as in the King James PerVersion.

They are filled with references and info and commentary.

The words in parenthesis are either the correct word from the Hebrew and Greek, and/or the more accurate word from the definitions of that word from the original language.

You can see how our scriptures have been altered over time and through revisions.

Use this site as a quick reference guide to find answers instantly, or to really dive in and read each book and learn a treasure chest of amazing new things about our heritage, people and God.


The Word Study papers are also in book and verse order.


This allows you to find verses quickly to view the context and what is being taught. I recommend reading the whole paper to fully understand the word or topic being studied. But it is also handy for quick referencing.

These word studies are a full examination of each verse containing that word.

For example: If you want to learn about the word 'faith', or 'saved', or 'repent', etc., you can go to the Word Study category from the menu, click the word you wish to study, and you will be able to examine each verse with that word, learn how it is used and what it really means.


The Who's Who? section reveals Who is Who.


When you understand exactly who is who scripture makes sense.


The Harmony section is of compilations.


The books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles are combined to give a complete easy-to-read story of the kings of Israel and Judah all in one account.

The Ezra and Nehemiah Harmony gives a complete account between both those books which details the return to Jerusalem after Babylonian captivity.

The Gospels are a compilation of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's account.

The Gospels Explained is just that. Explained. An all-in-one account plus concordance, commentary and explanation.


In the America menu is information demonstrating that America is in Scripture, and that America was founded as a white Christian nation under Yahweh God. American History and what has and is happening to America.


You can also ask questions or leave comments and feedback by using the Contact page.


This website is a compilation of research, sermons, articles, commentary, references, and Spiritual guidance.


The information contained on this site started out as my own personal records and references of what the scriptures revealed to me as truth. As my research grew and accumulated, I saved information and organized it. I basically found myself restoring the Bible back to as close to the original Hebrew and Greek as I have been led and shown. One cannot learn from the latest interpretation of the Bible. This site is for those who want to learn from the first, or earliest records. And for those who are willing to learn the difference between what the “churches” teach and what original scripture teaches. There is a BIG difference.


The information on this site is a compilation of puzzle pieces. They all fit into the theme, message, identity and truth of our family, heritage, history, and our duty.


Many great teachers and shepherds with their research and guidance, and the Father, have helped me in putting together what I believe is the closest, truthful, accurate, compiled, straightforward, simple, informational tool for those that wish to know Yahweh, and learn who you are, and Whose you are, and understand just what the Bible actually says.

I thank, and respectively use the information and research and teaching of the following:

Bertrand L. Comparet, Eli James, Stephen Anderson, David James, Jeromy Visser, Wesley Swift, Arnold Kennedy, Sheldon Emry, Ben Williams, Greg Howard, Daniel Johns, Paul Mullet, Nord Davis Jr., William Finck, Clifton Emahiser, Peter Peters, and a few others.


None of these men, including myself, have everything 100% right. While we each have our blind spots, the important issues such as, the identity of True Israel, the enemies of True Israel, the theme and the context of scripture, and the name of our God, these we are in alignment. The Bible truly is the book of the race of Adam. Genesis 5:1.


The most important things a true Christian must know is:

God's Name

It's NOT God, Lord, Jehovah, or Jesus. Read 'The Name' (located in Word Studies).

God's People

It's not who you think it is. (You can start with 'Chosen', but it can be seen and demonstrated in all the papers!).

God's Word

It's not telling you what to “just believe”, rather what is required of you to do. Read 'The Word' (located in Word Studies).


You can learn what a True Christian is in the Who's Who menu.


When learning new things, please just stick with it, even if you don't understand yet, if you keep going it will eventually make sense.

It matters who and what we believe in.

The truth is the truth, even if you don't believe it.


I am eager to lead you in the right direction and willing to answer questions, and I also challenge you to question your “church doctrine” or other beliefs and compare it to scripture. Prove me wrong.


May Yahweh reveal knowledge and understanding to you.

P.S. Don't forget to ask for forgiveness first. Start with a clean slate.