American History is Being Erased

The overt attack on our race, history, heritage and country has begun.

Baltimore: Robert E. Lee Statue Replaced With Pregnant Black Woman

Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore

FL Votes to Strip Confederate Names from Streets

Columbus Day to Become Indigenous People’s Day

Senate Approves Measure Condemning White Nationalists   False Accusation and Demonization of Whites fighting for the foundation of our Country.

Superman Defends Illegal Aliens Against Americans

Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passports  – UN Planned Invasion

NJ Teacher Tells Students to Speak American  – Students stage walk out

44.6% in CA Do Not Speak English at Home  – article

George Washington’s Church to Tear Down Memorial  – article

CA NAACP Calls for Removal of Star Spangled Banner as National Anthem  – short article

Robert E. Lee Statue Comes Down – Marion Barry Goes Up  – short article (Marion Barry the mayor with crack troubles)

More surely to come…